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Let Connect Utilities help you shop and compare Cleartel Communications plans, offers, and promotional specials with other leading local phone and long distance service providers in Saint Louis, Missouri. is an Agent for Cleartel Communications as well as for other industry leading local and long distance phone companies to include leading Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone providers like Vonage and SpeakEasy. offers all the leading local residential phone service companies in a non-biased Phone Comparison Marketplace which allows customers and movers to shop, compare, and order local phone and long distance service in one place, at one time, and without having to call various providers or research from multiple provider sites. Let Connect Utilities help you find the right phone plan for you and your family just as we have done for thousands of other customers just like you.

The Connect Utilities Phone Comparison Marketplace allows you to compare local and long distance telephone offers, specials, and promotions available in the Saint Louis area and then order in just a matter of minutes. Ordering Cleartel Communications has never been easier. Don't wait because the special Cleartel Communications promotions offered through are for a limited time only and the sooner you order your phone service the quicker you will be able to enjoy these great benefits of having Cleartel Communications at your house:

  • Cleartel Communications will allow you to settle into your new home and keep in touch with your friends and family. If your new residence is located out of town and will require a long distance call from Saint Louis, you should consider looking into Local Phone and Long Distance Bundles. Choosing to go with telephone bundled plans can result in significant savings on each months phone bill.
  • Cleartel Communications offers online bill payment for fast and effective bill payment saving you time to enjoy your new home and spend less time paying bills.
  • With Cleartel Communications bundles at your house you will easily be able to work from home without having to worry about huge phone bills. Local and long distance calls are all included for one low monthly price... so you can talk to clients as long as you need to make sure you close the next big deal.
  • Cleartel Communications is a community activist and supports a variety of community events in Saint Louis.
  • Cleartel Communications is a major employer in Saint Louis, Missouri and the surrounding areas.

Cleartel Communications will enable you to comfortably move into your new home and enjoy these great Saint Louis activities:

  • Listen to your favorite radio stations such as KDHX (88.1 FM), KMOX (1120 AM),KSHE (94.7 FM), AND KPNT (105.7 FM).
  • Watch streaming video of the local television stations such as KMOV (channel 4), KPLR (channel 11), KSDK(channel 5), AND KTVI (channel 2)
  • Get the latest scores and highlights from your favorite college sports teams to include Hurricanes.
  • Get the latest scores and highlights from your favorite pro sports teams to include Rams, Blues, and Cardinals.
  • Enjoy the Saint Louis area by visiting places such as Grant's Farm, Gateway Arch, and St. Louis Zoo.

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