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AT&T Personal Choice

Welcome to the new AT&T (formerly SBC). Designed for privacy and control along with the convenience and flexibility you need in today's active households. It includes unlimited local calling, Caller ID and your choice of two selectable features.
Price: $21.95/mo.
Estimated Time to Connect: 5 days
Restrictions and Requirements: Prices subject to change and do not include other applicable charges (e.g., taxes fees surcharges and subscriber line and universal service charges). Services are provided by SBC California pursuant to its tariffs and are available at individually tariffed rates. With Caller ID and Call Waiting ID, some call information may be blocked or unavailable. With Call Forwarding, Repeat Dialing, Speed Calling 8, Three-Way Calling and Call Return, local usage, local toll, or long distance charges may apply, depending on the location of the called party; and may not be available for international numbers. In certain metropolitan areas (Zone 3), usage charges are incurred for calls that are beyond a customer's local calling area but are not local toll or long distance. Enhanced ChoiceSM rates are based on having a flat rate residential service. Prices vary based on additional options and class of service. Basic service rates are higher in extended area service exchanges. Use individual feature/service links for additional information.
Please Note: AT&T California offers multiple local service options, including Flat Rate Service ($10.69), Measured Rate ($5.70), Universal Lifeline Flat Rate ($5.34), Universal Lifeline Measured Rate ($2.84). These services are described below under "Local Lines and Additional Features". AT&T California also offers Lifeline Telephone Service at a discounted rate for qualified, low-income households. If you qualify for the Lifeline service rate, please contact our Customer Sales and Service Center to place your order.