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BellSouth Introduction
ConnectUtilities.com is an Authorized Agent for BellSouth and can help you compare and shop from industry leading products and services such as local telephone services, long distance telephone services, and DSL High-Speed Internet. Southern Bell and South Central Bell combined in 1992 to operate under the corporate name BellSouth. BellSouth Corporation (NYSE: BSL) is a Fortune 100 communications company headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. BellSouth who offers local telephone service and DSL/Dial-Up Internet in the states of Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee. On March 5, 2006, AT&T announced its plans to acquire BellSouth for $67 billion (1.325 shares of AT&T for each share of BellSouth). The combined company would retain the name AT&T and would further strengthen the company’s position as the largest provider of both local and long distance telephone services and DSL internet access in the United States.

BellSouth Local Phone and Long Distance Phone Service
BellSouth offers many different types of local phone calling plans and features depending upon your calling needs. BellSouth offers basic residential local calling plans and calling features at low affordable rates as well as unlimited local and long distance calling plans which can be customized to your personal calling needs. With BellSouth, you can get the right calling plan for you and your families’ telephone calling habits. Packages are available with a variety of services bundled for your convenience and loaded with customizable service features to include Call Waiting, Call Forwarding, Caller ID, Call Blocking, Voice Mail and more. In addition to the above, BellSouth offers several customized calling services to include Unlimited Local Phone Packages, BellSouth Long Distance and DSL High-Speed Internet.

BellSouth Complete Choice Unlimited
BellSouth Complete Choice Unlimited is one of BellSouth’s most popular telephone plans which offers unlimited local, unlimited regional and unlimited long distance calling across the nation. Whether you call across the town or across the country, BellSouth Complete Choice Unlimited offers you the flexibility to call where you want, when you want, and for as long as you want. All this offered from one the nations leading phone companies and for one low monthly low price. Even better, The BellSouth Complete Choice Unlimited helps to simplify your life by offering your local phone and long distance phone service on one single convenient bill therefore saving you more than just money…but time.

Let ConnectUtilities.com help you select the plan that meets your local and long distance phone needs and make every day a special occasion.

BellSouth High-Speed DSL Internet Service
Experience the difference with BellSouth Online DSL. Free up your phone line to talk and surf with speeds up to 3 Mbps. Take advantage of courteous 24x7 customer service. Receive up to five e-mail boxes and 10MB of personal Web space. Personalize your homepage with the links and information you prefer.

BellSouth Local Phone, Long Distance, and DSL High-Speed Internet Packages
BellSouth brings you next-generation broadband technology, state-of-the-art voice and data services, online account management, entertainment programming and more. BellSouth offers local phone, long distance and DSL High-Speed Internet packages. Or bundle BellSouth services together for great savings on one monthly bill.

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BellSouth offers it all and ConnectUtilities.com can help make shopping for BellSouth services fast and easy. To see what BellSouth services are available in your area, simply enter your address to the right and start shopping.

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