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CenturyTel Simple ChoiceTM

Sign up for Simple ChoiceTM and get Unlimited Local Calling plus your choice of popular custom calling features such as Call Waiting, Three-Way Calling, Voice Mail, Speed Dialing, Auto Redial, Call Return, Distinctive Ring, Standard Call Forwarding, Caller ID, and Call Waiting ID. Select the features you want or need from the list below.

Plus you'll also receive CenturyTel's Unlimited long distance service!

All for one low price!

Price: $27.95/mo.
Estimated Time to Connect: 5 days
Please Note: You are eligible for the rates available under a Simple Choice plan only if you are a residential customer and agree to the terms of a service agreement, if any, applicable to the plan selected by you. Your plan also may have a monthly fee associated with it. For the monthly fee applicable to your agreement, please refer to the plan which you have selected. If you decide to discontinue any of the services bundled under your Simple Choice plan, you will be charged standard rates for each of the remaining services provided by us. Your savings may vary from the estimated total annual savings depending on your market, usage, prior carrier(s), and the plan selected. Simple Choice plans and the rates associated with those plans are subject to change, may vary by service area, and do not apply to metered/measured line service, PBX accounts, or Centrex accounts. Toll and EAS charges also are not included. Simple Choice rates apply only to direct dialed U.S. calls. You may incur additional charges when you dial the operator, an international number, or directory assistance or when you dial with a calling card or from a payphone. To receive long distance plan rates, you must choose CenturyTel Long Distance, LLC as your IntraLATA and InterLATA toll carrier. You will be selecting CenturyTel Long Distance, LLC as your long distance carrier by selecting a Simple Choice plan. Not all calling features will be available under Simple Choice in all markets. You may dial *67 (touchtone) or 1167 (Rotary) prior to placing a call to block your information from being passed on to person you are calling. Applicable taxes, surcharges and fees will apply.