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Comcast Comcast High-Speed Internet

Comcast High-Speed Internet delivers you the best value and experience on the Internet - a 100% Pure Broadband experience. Find out why Comcast is the #1 High-Speed Internet provider in America.

Blazing fast speeds! Tired of waiting for pages to download?? With Comcast High-Speed Internet, you'll zoom around the Internet with up to 6 Megs of speed, that's up to 4 times faster than 1.5 Mbps DSL and up to 100 times faster than 56K dial-up. You'll be able to fly through the Web's most graphic intense sites.

Now only $19.99/month for the first 6 months!*

*Promotional offer only available to new residential customers. You must subscribe to Comcast Cable services to receive promotional offer. Regular pricing applies to current Comcast High-Speed Internet customers. Regular price is $42.95/month when you subscribe to a Comcast Cable service; $57.95/month without Comcast Cable.

Price: $42.95/mo.*
Estimated Time to Connect: 5 days
Please Note: *Monthly promotional rate of $19.99 is for the first 6 months of service. The regular monthly service rate will apply thereafter.
Terms and Conditions Services are not available in all areas. Franchise fees, taxes and other fees may apply, with the actual amount depending on location and service ordered. Activation of service may be subject to credit approval and requires valid service address, social security number, and/or major credit card. Deposit or pre-payment may be required. Other restrictions may apply. Please note that the rates listed do not include charges for equipment and installation or applicable taxes and fees.