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Qwest Basic Local Phone Service

It's the basic connection you need to use Qwest telephone service. Make local and long-distance calls, go online, send faxes, and more.
Price: $14.80/mo.
Estimated Time to Connect: 4 days
Please Note: You have a choice of long distance and local long distance providers. If you choose this plan, it does NOT include Qwest long distance service. Choose Qwest or another long distance carrier under the long distance section.
Extra Fees
Non-Recurring Charges (NRC): Installation/Activation Charges are billed per line and vary per state: AZ-$27.50, CO-$35.00, IA-$33.95, ID-$30.00, MN-$18.35, MT-$26.00, ND-$30.45, NE-$33.00, NM-$30.00, OR-$16.50, SD-$25.00, UT-$25.00, WA-$31.00, WY-$36.25
Terms and Conditions: For Qwest residential local service customers only. Listed rates do not include taxes, incremental charges and surcharges. Feature limitations exist, including but not limited to Caller ID with Qwest Security Screen, LineBacker, and Last Call Return. Some features not compatible with others, require special equipment at an additional charge, and may not be available in all areas. Ask your Qwest Representative for details. Subject to applicable tariffs and regulations. Rates subject to change.
Line Disclosures: If additional jacks and/or additional inside wire are installed, additional time and material charges will apply.