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Founded in 1997 and based in Herndon, Virginia, RCN Corporation (NASDAQ: RCNI) is the first and largest American facilities-based competitive provider of bundled telephone, cable television and high-speed internet service delivered over its own fiber-optic local network. RCN Cable provides RCN Cable Service and RCN High Speed Internet to customers in the Boston, New York, Pennsylvania, Washington D.C., Chicago, and San Francisco.
Connect Utilities is an Authorized Agent for the RCN Cable Company and can help you compare and shop from industry leading products and services such as digital cable TV, high speed internet, or digital telephone service.
RCN Cable TV Service
RCN TV offers many different types of cable television plans and additional features depending upon your viewing needs. Imagine Cable TV that fits your family's interests, passions, and busy schedule. Just picture all of your favorite channels, shows, and movies at your fingertips. And only RCN Television brings you DigitalVisionPlus! DigitalVisionPlus includes premium movie channels, free premium Video ON DEMAND, and a tremendous digital programming lineup.
RCN Cable
Select RCN Cable and receive a full lineup of up to 80 channels (lineups will vary by markets) of the most popular networks, including your favorites like ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN Classic and The Disney Channel. Add DigitalVisionPlus to receive 5 premium movie channels which includes multiple channels of Showtime, STARZ!, Encore, and THE MOVIE CHANNEL plus free premium Video ON DEMAND titles from 5 premium networks and over 60 channels of digital programming, 45 commercial-free Music Choice channels. Add HDTV for the best picture and sound you’ve ever seen. Or include the DVR selection with your order and you’ll never miss your favorite shows again. With Digital Video Recorder (DVR), you watch what you want, when you want. All this offered from one of the nation’s best cable companies and for one low monthly low price.   Even better, RCN Chicago and RCN PA help to simplify your life by offering you multiple services such as digital cable or high-speed internet service on one single convenient bill therefore saving you more than just money…but time. 
Let Connect Utilities help you select the plan that meets your television viewing needs and make every day a special occasion.
RCN High Speed Internet Service
RCN Internet Service simply gives you more for your money. When it comes to high-speed internet, one speed doesn't fit all. That's why RCN Internet provides the broadest selection of speeds available. Choose from download speeds up to 1.5Mbps, 5Mbps, 10Mbps, or 20 Mbps (not available in all areas) plus receive FREE Video Mail and up to 4 email accounts. 
RCN TV, Digital Cable and High Speed Internet Packages
RCN brings you next-generation broadband technology, interactive services packed with the best content on Digital Cable, video on demand and high-definition television, state-of-the-art voice and data services, online account management, entertainment programming and more. RCN offers Cable TV, Digital Cable, and High-Speed Internet packages. Or bundle RCN services together for great savings on one monthly bill.
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RCN offers it all and Connect Utilities can help make shopping for RCN Cable and RCN Internet services fast and easy. To see what RCN services are available in your area, simply enter your address to the right and start shopping.
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