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The New AT&T FastAccess DSL Ultra Internet service

Order BellSouth® FastAccess® DSL Ultra and you are eligible to receive a Hewlett Packard (HP) computer for $349 (plus shipping) OR $50 Cash Back (after online rebate)!
(Click on package title for offer details)

Get FastAccess DSL Ultra (download speed up to 1.5Mbps/upload up to 256Kbps).

No Activation Fee! Plus a FREE Modem/HomeNetworking Gateway! (after rebate)
BellSouth® Welcome Service makes switching from AOL or any other Internet Service Provider a simple and convenient process, BellSouth® MailGuard protection helps your e-mail stay safe from spam, and BellSouth® Messenger for instant messaging.

Price: $32.95/mo.
Estimated Time to Connect: 5 days
HP Computer Offer: HP Computer/$50 Cash Back Offers: Offers end on 1/5/06. Both offer choices will appear on the BellSouth Reward Center (BRC) at www.bellsouth.com/reward within 7-10 business days following your FastAccess DSL order date. Customers choosing the $50 cash back offer must redeem their reward at the BRC within 90 days of the FastAccess DSL order date. Customers choosing the HP computer offer will have until 1/15/06 to redeem their reward at the BRC and to call hpshopping.com (see below) following reward submission to order HP computer. A promotional code is required and will be provided at the BRC . Computer includes a desktop PC, keyboard, mouse, and 17" CRT monitor. Shipping fee of $99 applies. Two HP mail-in rebates, PC ($50) and monitor ($50) are available . Call hpshopping.com at 1-888-923-5857 for details. Sales tax may apply and is based on pre-mail-in rebate pricing. Computer offer cannot be combined with any other HP offers. All BellSouth trademarks and service marks herein are the property of BellSouth Intellectual Property Corporation. All other trademarks contained herein are the property of their respective owners. 2005 BellSouth Corporation
Modem Offer: Credit will be applied to your bill by end of second month billing period after receipt of complete rebate form. Applicable taxes and fees based on the full price of all products and services, and no taxes or fees will be added to any rebate. Early termination results in charge of up to 100% of modem rebate. BellSouth may provide refurbished modem.
Eligibility: Modem/HP computer offers for new, active residential FastAccess customers only. The $50 cashback offer is only available as a choice for customers who purchase and receive FastAccess DSL Ultra, Xtreme, or Xtreme 6.0. Service and speed options not available in all areas. BellSouth may modify or cancel offer without notice. Other conditions may apply. Read pricing terms on www.fastaccess.com or call for details.
Terms and Conditions: The prices shown above are representative of those generally prevailing in the city and state you have identified. However, actual prices of some services vary based on the specific service address and the BellSouth switching facility from which individual service is provided. Service areas may not always be identical to city or community boundaries. Therefore, your price may vary slightly from those listed above. Your actual price will be communicated to you by an email confirmation of your order. All Bellsouth services are sold subject to terms and conditions contained in applicable tariffs and/or contracts. Any inconsistency between this information and such tariffs and/or contracts will be resolved in favor of such tariffs and/or contracts. Services available where facilities permit.
Please Note: Please be advised BellSouth will use automated telephone recordings and e-mails to communicate important FastAccess DSL service related information.
Please Note: Service requires a DSL modem ($75). Quoted Price for residential FastAccess DSL Lite ($32.95 for FastAccess DSL Ultra, $42.95 FastAccess DSL Xtreme). Existing customers: rates available upon request. Other Charges: Taxes and additional charges apply. BellSouth imposes a Regulatory Cost Recovery Fee ($2.97/month) to offset the Federal Universal Service Fund charge and other costs incurred in complying with regulatory obligations. This fee is not imposed or required by a government entity.