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The New AT&T Internet AnswersSM- Premier Package (Local, Long Distance, & DSL)

Order now and receive a $75 Cash Back!

Get the most out of your home phone service. Get a home phone line, unlimited local calling, and your choice of easy-to-use calling features - for one monthly rate.
Plus you also receive AT&T Unlimited long distance and AT&T FastAccess DSL Ultra Internet service!

Price: $88.98/mo.
Estimated Time to Connect: 5 days
Back-up Dial Account Usage: FastAccess DSL Service includes access to a back-up BellSouth Internet Service dial-up account. This account is intended to be used while you are traveling or in the event that FastAccess service is temporarily interrupted. FastAccess Residential customers receive up to 20 hours of usage per month at no additional cost. (Customers are responsible for any long distance or roaming charges that may be incurred for all back-up dial usage.) If you use your back-up dial-up account for more than 20 hours in any month, you agree to pay BellSouth two dollars for the first hour or fraction thereof in excess of 20 hours and one dollar per hour for each additional hour or fraction thereof in excess of 21 hours. Billing for usage over 20 hours will not exceed $19.95 per month.
$75 Cash Back: $75 with purchase of FastAccess DSL Lite, Ultra or Xtreme; Cash back available to customers who have or subscribe to AT&T local and long distance servcie. Must be new custoemr to qualifying services. Coupon redemption required. Coupon will be sent to customer 30 days following completion of service order. See coupon for redemption details. Check will be sent within 4-6 weeks following redemption of coupon to eligible customers who retain qualifying services. Cash-back offer may not be combined with other AT&T promotional offers or ongoing product discounts. Offer ends 9/30/07. Offer may be modified or discontinued at anytime without notice.
Extra Fees
Connection Fee: $41.00 (non-recurring)
Terms and Conditions: The prices shown above are representative of those generally prevailing in the city and state you have identified. However, actual prices of some services vary based on the specific service address and the BellSouth switching facility from which individual service is provided. Service areas may not always be identical to city or community boundaries. Therefore, your price may vary slightly from those listed above. Your actual price will be communicated to you by an email confirmation of your order. All Bellsouth services are sold subject to terms and conditions contained in applicable tariffs and/or contracts. Any inconsistency between this information and such tariffs and/or contracts will be resolved in favor of such tariffs and/or contracts. Services available where facilities permit. A Regulatory Cost Recovery Fee of $2.97 per month will apply and is not reflected in the price quoted above. This fee is not a tax or charge imposed by a government entity.
Please Note: Unlimited Long Distance plans are for residential voice usage only. Callers under these plans must dial 1 + area code + domestic number. Other terms, conditions & restrictions apply. Taxes, fees & other charges may apply. Offer excludes customers moving existing qualifying services to a new service address and customers moving from one BellSouth Unlimited Long Distance plan to another such plan. Offer may not be combined with other promotional offers for the same services.
Please Note: Service requires a DSL modem ($75). Price for FastAccess Ultra is $32.95/month and for FastAccess Xtreme is $37.95/month. Other Charges: Taxes and additional charges apply. BellSouth imposes a Regulatory Cost Recovery Fee of $2.97 per month to offset costs incurred in complying with regulatory obligations and other expenses. It recovers Universal Service Fund payments for the DSL used in our FastAccess DSL service, while applicable. The fee also recovers costs associated with monitoring, participating in and complying with regulatory proceedings and other network and servicing requirements. This fee is not a tax or charge imposed by a government entity.