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The New AT&T PreferredPack

Get the most out of your home phone service. Get a home phone line, unlimited local calling, and 5 easy-to-use calling features - for one monthly rate.
Price: $28.00/mo.
Estimated Time to Connect: 5 days
Extra Fees
Connection Fee: $41.00 (non-recurring)
Terms and Conditions: The prices shown above are representative of those generally prevailing in the city and state you have identified. However, actual prices of some services vary based on the specific service address and the BellSouth switching facility from which individual service is provided. Service areas may not always be identical to city or community boundaries. Therefore, your price may vary slightly from those listed above. Your actual price will be communicated to you by an email confirmation of your order. All Bellsouth services are sold subject to terms and conditions contained in applicable tariffs and/or contracts. Any inconsistency between this information and such tariffs and/or contracts will be resolved in favor of such tariffs and/or contracts. Services available where facilities permit.
Please Note: Includes domestic local toll and interLATA toll calls if BellSouth Long Distance is selected as both local toll service and interLATA toll service provider. International calls extra. Taxes, fees and other charges, including Universal Service Fund, apply. A Carrier Cost Recovery Fee of $0.99 will be charged monthly. This fee is not a tax or charge required by any government. International wireless termination charges may apply. Other conditions apply. Long distance services provided by BellSouth Long Distance, Inc. and available in BellSouth service areas.