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Verizon Online High Speed Internet VZ High Speed Internet Month-to-Month

Faster Speeds!

Verizon High Speed Internet is a powerful and dedicated connection that loads information and images quickly. Simply click and connect to get on line. No more dialing and no more busy signals; allows you to surf the net while talking on the phone. Speed up to 3.0 Mbps downstream/384Kbps upstream.
(Speed and uninterrupted use of the service are not guaranteed.)

The Verizon High Speed Internet package requires a self-installation kit, this kit includes everything you will need to install the service; High Speed Internet Filters, High Speed Internet Modem, & CD-Rom with instructions. Your Verizon High Speed Internet service comes with your choice of content, features and services. During your 3-step High Speed Internet installation process, you'll be asked how you want to configure your online experience.

The cost of the Self Install Kit is a one time $19.99 Shipping & Activation Fee.

*You must subscribe to Verizon telephone service to qualify for High Speed Internet service. This offer is only available to new Verizon customers.

Price: $37.99/mo.*
Estimated Time to Connect: 5 days
Please Note: The installation of High Speed Internet service may take up to 6 business days after telephone service has been connected.
Installation Process: Verizon High Speed Internet comes with a three-step self-installation kit, which is scheduled to arrive before your service-ready date. Everything you need to get up and running is included in your self-install kit. Your High Speed Internet self-install kit will include: CD Rom with instructions and software for Verizon High Speed Internet with MSN Premium, High Speed Internet high speed modem and High Speed Internet Filters. Once your service-ready date arrives and you have received your High Speed Internet self-install kit, insert the CD for step-by-step instructions on how to: Install High Speed Internet filters, Install High Speed Internet modem and Set up Verizon Online Account and install MSN 8 Internet Software ** If service is cancelled within the first 12 months, modem must be returned or $99 equipment fee applies. Tools & Services- Verizon Central makes the most of the broadband connection with easy access to frequently used tools and services that Verizon On-Line offers, like 9 email accounts, personal Web space, Web site building tool, Control Pad and High Speed Internet Live! MSN Premium-$ 9.95 monthly value MSN Premium Internet Service is included with Verizon Online High Speed Internet service at no additional charge. With features like MSN Pop-up Guard, MSN Firewall, MSN Parental Controls, MSN VirusGuard, MSN Messenger with MSN Photo Swap, MSN Photo Plus With Picture It! Library 9, MSN Money Plus, MSN Encarta Premium and customizable dashboard and My MSN. Verizon High Speed Internet w/MSN Premium gives you a richer, deeper internet experience. Subscriber Perks- Take advantage of specials on great online services - just for being a Verizon High Speed Internet subscriber. Once you sign up for High Speed Internet service,you can visit the Perks section of Verizon Central where you can find shopping values, travel specials, hot deals and more. 24/7 Technical Support- Try the Verizon Online Support Center 24/7, use our Online Help Library, or talk to one of our trained representatives any time night or day via a toll-free number. The Verizon Online Support Center is intelligent software that offers a click-of-the-button solution to common email and connectivity problems. For peskier issues, you can use the electronic trouble-ticket and two-way chat features to resolve problems online with tech experts, saving you a call to Technical Support.
Extra Fees
Fees and Surcharges: As with your local service, your first bill will include High Speed Internet charges prorated from your service ready date to the end of your first billing cycle, along with charges for your next full billing cycle. All future bills will reflect Verizon High Speed Internet charges for one billing cycle (one month). An additional Supplier Federal Universal Service Fund (FUSF) recovery fee will be added to your bill by Verizon Online. The fee is approximately $2.99 per month. If applicable in your area, a Jurisdictional Tax recovery fee may also be added to your monthly bill. This fee varies depending upon tax rates levied by local jurisdictions. For the majority of our customers, the fee will be between $1.00 to $2.00 per month. This is not a tax charged directly to Verizon Online's customers, but the partial recovery of tax that Verizon Online must pay when they purchase the High Speed Internet circuit from the telephone company. Since this is not a direct tax but is the recovery of a tax paid by Verizon Online, there are no applicable exemptions. More information is available online at www.verizon.net/myaccount. Applicable taxes apply.
Early Termination Fee: A $79.00 ETF (Early Termination Fee) will be applied if service is cancelled prior to 12th month of service.
Terms and Conditions: OFFER FOR VERIZON LOCAL TELEPHONE RESIDENTIAL CUSTOMER ONLY. Customer must have Verizon telephone service to order High Speed Internet service. Service not available to all areas or on all telephone lines and subject to circuit availability. A $79 early termination fee will be applied if High Speed Internet service ended in months 2 through 12. The promotional rate is for first 12 months, then current monthly rate thereafter. If the Freedom telephone package is cancelled, the monthly rate would change to the $37.95 rate.
PC System Requirements: Microsoft Windows Operating Systems supported: Windows 98 and 98SE, Windows Millennium (Me), Windows 2000 and Windows XP (Home & Professional). To install and use MSN Premium Internet Software with Verizon High Speed Internet service, the PC must have a 500 MHz or faster Intel Pentium Processor or equivalent (800 MHz recommended), 128 MB of RAM, and 320 MB of free hard drive space to install (after install 180 MB of free hard drive space may be needed.)
Macintosh System Requirements: Apple MacintoshOS 10.1 -- 10.2, PowerPC processor with speed 120 MHz or higher, 64 MB RAM, 10MB free hard drive space, CD_ROM or DVD drive10Base -- T Ethernet Network Interface Card (NIC). NOTE: MSN Premium Internet Software is not available for Macintosh users.