How It Works is simply a website that allows you to shop, compare, and schedule the connection of your utilities and home services in one place, at one time, and within just minutes rather than hours. We electronically communicate your request to your selected providers just as if you had spent hours calling each individual provider yourself and providing your same information over and over again. As each of your selected providers creates your new account within their own billing system, they send you a confirmation email containing your new account information via the network.

We have engineered and refined the flow of this traditionally cumbersome and frustrating process down into 3 simple steps:

Step 1 - Enter your zip code.
Step 2 - Shop from the available services.
Step 3 - Place your order.

Once you place your order you immediately receive an Order Summary email that summarizes the services you have ordered. This initial email also includes a "Next Steps" section and a "Customer Service" section in the event you have questions or need any assistance with your requests. As the requested services you have ordered are accepted and the appointment is confirmed by the service provider, a Confirmation Email containing all necessary account information (connection date/time, deposit information, account number, new telephone number, etc.) is sent. Once all selected services have been completed and confirmed, you'll receive a Final Summary email which concludes the entire order. All of this takes place through one website where orders can be placed in just a few minutes versus a few hours; and for a large majority of our customers, the service is FREE!

Service Provider Plans and Pricing has partnered with thousands of local and national service providers in order to bring you a one-stop-shop for utilities and home services. These partnerships allow us to present the plans, prices, and promotions just as if you were on your selected providers sites. The only difference is that we have brought these offers under one roof which enables you to easily shop and order your utilities or home services within a single website. With, you can easily locate, shop, and compare services from the brands you know and trust... and then order them directly through!

Convenience Fee is not a utility company. We are an independent sales channel and an Authorized Agent for a number of the service providers within our network. This includes but is not limited to service providers such as BellSouth, Verizon, Qwest, Comcast, DirecTV, and more. Not all providers are willing to pay a commission so if you do not select a provider (it just takes one per basket) who pays us a commission we then must charge a non-refundable convenience fee (not to exceed $29.95) in order to cover our cost in providing this time saving convenience to you. Our goal is to make this great service free for everyone and that is why we offer each and every customer the chance to waive the convenience fee, if applicable, by selecting one of our service partner promotional offers. As our service providers offer promotions, ConnectUtilities provides these offers and savings to you. If a convenience fee applies to your order, this fee only covers the fee to use the service and is separate from and in addition to any connections fees and/or deposits that the selected service providers may require.

Customer Service Questions will keep you updated and informed of your order status throughout the service connection scheduling process. If an issue arises that may require additional information from you, your selected service provider will attempt to contact you directly via email or telephone to resolve the issue and complete your order. If the service provider cannot reach you, will provide you with the service provider's contact information and instructions as to what is needed to complete your order. We know that having all your utilities and home services connected can be a stressful time and we at will do everything within our power to make it as easy as possible.